Combination couplings with different types of thread of the same specified size shall be furnished when specified on the contract. The minimum length and minimum OD of this coupling shall be sufficient to work with the specified size specified threads. We are one of the leading Combination Coupling Manufacturers in india.

Precision Connectors for Pressure and Leak Test Applications

When precision matters in connectors for pressure and leak test processes, turn to the experts at sealent enterprise, the leading combination coupling manufacturers in India. Our specialized connectors are engineered to enhance the accuracy and reliability of your testing procedures.
Precision Engineering for Accuracy: Connectors for pressure and leak tests are engineered with precision to deliver accurate and consistent results. They are designed to create a secure and airtight connection, preventing any leaks or pressure fluctuations during the test. This precision engineering ensures that the test outcomes are trustworthy and reflect the true performance of the component being tested.

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